This section includes rules for the setting of the Ancient World, as well as our campaign specifically. As I am currently creating many of the rules and compiling ideas from different source materials, assume this page is incomplete until I am happy with the balance.

Campaign Themes
Character Creation
Character Sheet
Character Journals
Death & Beyond
Historical Timeline
Hunger & Drinking
Languages & Dialects
Magic & Miracles
Prestige Points
Risk & Reward
Wealth & Equipment

  • Max Level
    The max level possible for all playable races (other than Gods or Demi-Gods) is 10. Level progression is based on a combo of time and experience. Below will be an Approximate level progress chart. All levels above 10 are reserved for Gods, Demi-Gods, and other Supernatural beings.

  • Hero Template
    A Hero is someone who is favored by fate, destiny, or one of the Gods. Add this template to whatever race you choose. Instead of receiving 28 points for stats during character creation you receive 32. This is the Age of Heroes, do not be surprised to find heroes to be fairly common. Names of legend fall like rain in Classical Greece.

  • Point Buy
    This campaign will be using a point buy system. The point total for those with the Hero Template above (like the players) is 32, while the stats for gifted but not quite heroic characters is 28, and all other NPC’s will have approximately average stats (all 10’s) . Use this Point Buy Calculator to determine your stats. (Use the bottom one)
  • Average Stats = All 10’s (75% of Greek population)
  • Gifted Stats = 28 point buy (20% of Greek population)
  • Heroic Stats = 32 point buy (5% of Greek population)

  • Aging Penalties
    Below is a table listing the penalties and benefits received from the process of aging. For your convenience the level associated with these ages are listed.


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