Prestige Points

Prestige Points

Character Points Spent/Earned

What are prestige points? Well in short, they are acquired points that your PC’s can spend for a variety of purposes to affect game play. Sometimes this will be instantaneous (spend a point to add +2 to your next die roll), and sometimes it will be long term (spend a point to re-roll hit points gained at time of leveling). How do you gain prestige points? Simple. By contributing to the creation of our Age of Heroes campaign site. Exactly what this contribution consists in will vary. Some examples include an in depth background story, making a character picture with Hero Art, or creating/adding to pages for places, people, or events in your backstory that can be turned into side-quests and help enrich the campaign setting and world. I will be offering specific opportunities for participation in the future, but in the meantime, you can always earn points by writing in your Character Journals. To use your character journal simply select the entry number in your journal and write your characters account of the events that have transpired since your last entry (expecting decent length first person narrative with character thoughts to earn points).

Once points have been acquired, they may be used in one of two ways. First, they may be used at any time during a game session to gain some short term benefit (refer to the first table). Points “used” in this way are not permanently lost but refresh the the start of the next game session. Second, they may be burned either during a game session, or out of session, to gain either some exceptional short term benefit, or some long term benefit (refer to the second table). Points “burned” in this way are permanently lost.

Session Abilities

This table shows the short term benefits where points used re-charge at next session.

Permanent Abilities

This table shows the benefits where the points used are permanent for exceptional benefit.

Prestige Points

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