Mount Related Gear

Mounts and Related Gear

Donkey or Mule:
Donkeys and mules are stolid in the face of danger, hardy, surefooted and capable of carrying heavy loads over vast distances. Unlike a horse, a donkey or a mule is willing (though not eager) to enter strange or threatening places.

Horses, donkeys, mules and ponies can graze to sustain themselves, but providing feed for them is much better. If you have a guard dog, you have to feed it at least some meat.

A horse, other than a pony, is suitable as a mount for an adult human. A pony is smaller than a horse and is a suitable mount for a child or adolescent. Warhorses and warponies can be ridden easily into combat. Light horses, ponies and heavy horses are hard to control in combat.

Saddle, Exotic:
An exotic saddle is like a normal saddle of the same sort except that it is designed for an unusual mount. Exotic saddles come in military, pack and riding styles.

Saddle, Military:
A military saddle braces the rider, providing a +2 circumstance bonus on Ride checks related to staying in the saddle. If you’re knocked unconscious while in a military saddle, you have a 75% chance to stay in the saddle, compared to 50% for a riding saddle.

Saddle, Pack:
A pack saddle holds gear and supplies, but not a rider. It holds as much gear as the mount can carry.

Saddle, Riding:
The standard riding saddle supports a rider.

Mount Related Gear

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