Heal checks are primarily used to treat individual wounds; it can also be used to stabilize a dying character or counter the effects of poison.

  • Check:
    The DC of a Heal check to bind a normal wound or cauterize a grievous wound is equal to the size of the wound you are treating (see the Wounds section in the Combat chapter). Binding a wound is a standard action.

  • Stabilize:
    You can use the Heal skill to save a dying character. The DC of the check to do this is 15. If a character is dying from his wounds and is losing hit points, you can make them stable. A stable character regains no hit points or points of Constitution, but stops losing them.

  • Treat Poison:
    To treat poison means to tend a single character that has been poisoned and who is going to take more damage or suffer some other effect from the poison. Every time the poisoned character makes a saving throw against the poison, you make a Heal check. The poisoned character uses your check result or their saving throw, whichever is higher.

  • Action:
    Stabilizing a character, binding or cauterizing a wound or treating poison is a standard action.

  • Try Again:
    Varies. You cannot attempt to bind a wound twice. Cautery checks can be attempted again but the DC increases with each attempt and further damage is inflicted. You can always retry a check to stabilize a dying character, assuming the target of the previous attempt is still alive.

  • Special:
    A character with the Self-Sufficient feat gains a +2 bonus on Heal checks. A herbal poultice gives you a +2 circumstance bonus on Heal checks.


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