Escape Artist

Escape Artist (Dex; Armor Check Penalty)

  • Check:
    The table below gives the DCs to escape various forms of restraints. Ropes: Your Escape Artist check is opposed by the binder’s Use Rope check. Since it’s easier to tie someone up than to escape from being tied up, the binder gains a +10 bonus on their check.

  • Manacles:
    The DC for manacles is set by their construction.

  • Tight Space:
    The DC noted on the table is for squeezing through a space where your head fits but your shoulders do not. If the space is long you may need to make multiple checks. You cannot gain through a space that your head does not fit through.

  • Grappler:
    You can make an Escape Artist check opposed by your enemy’s grapple check to gain out of a grapple or a pinned condition, so that you are only grappling rather than pinned.

  • Action:
    Making an Escape Artist check to escape from rope bindings, manacles or other restraints except a grappler requires one minute of work. Escaping from a net is a full round action. Escaping from a grapple or pin is a standard action. Squeezing through a tight space takes at least one minute, maybe longer, depending on how long the space is.

  • Try Again:
    Varies. You can make another check after a failed check if you are squeezing your way through a tight space, making multiple checks. If the situation permits, you can make additional checks or even take 20, as long as you’re not being actively opposed.

  • Special:
    If you have the Agile feat, you gain a +2 bonus on Escape Artist checks.

  • Synergy:
    If you have five or more ranks in Escape Artist, you gain a +2 bonus on Use Rope checks to bind someone. If you have five or more ranks in Use Rope, you gain a +2 bonus on Escape Artist checks when escaping from rope bonds.

Escape Artist

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