You possess the gift of being able to focus your mind, maintaining your thoughts against all external pressures.

  • Check:
    You must make a Concentration check whenever you might potentially be distracted, by taking damage, harsh weather and so on, while engaged in some action that requires your full attention. Such actions include praying for a miracle, casting a spell, concentrating on an active spell, directing a spell, using a spell-like ability or using a skill that would provoke an attack of opportunity. In general, if an action would not normally provoke an attack of opportunity, you need not make a Concentration check to avoid being distracted. If the Concentration check succeeds, you may continue with the action as normal. If the check fails, the action automatically fails and is wasted. If you were in the process of casting a spell, the spell is lost. If you were concentrating on an active spell, the spell ends as if you had ceased concentrating on it. If you were directing a spell, the direction fails but the spell remains active. If you were using a spell-like ability, that use of the ability is lost. A skill use also fails and in some cases a failed skill check may have other ramifications as well. The table below summarizes various types of distractions that cause you to make a Concentration check. If the distraction occurs while you are trying to pray for a miracle or cast a spell, you must add the save modifier of the magical effect you are trying to produce to the appropriate Concentration DC. If more than one type of distraction is present, make a check for each one; any failed Concentration check indicates that the task is not completed.

  • Action:
    None. Making a Concentration check does not take an action; it is either a free action, if attempted reactively or part of another action if attempted actively.

  • Try Again:
    Yes, though a success does not cancel the effect of any previous failure, such as the loss of a spell you were casting or the disruption of a spell you were concentrating on.

  • Special:
    You can use Concentration to cast a spell, use a spell-like ability or use a skill defensively, so as to avoid attacks of opportunity altogether. This does not apply to other actions that might provoke attacks of opportunity. The DC of the check is 15, plus the magical effect’s save modifier if praying for a miracle, casting a spell or using a spell-like ability defensively. If the Concentration check succeeds, you may attempt the action normally without provoking any attacks of opportunity. A successful Concentration check still does not allow you to take 10 on another check if you are in a stressful situation; you must make the check normally. If the Concentration check fails, the related action also automatically fails with any appropriate ramifications and the action is wasted, just as if your concentration had been disrupted by a distraction. A character with the Combat Casting feat gains a +4 bonus on Concentration checks made to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability while on the defensive, while grappling or pinned.


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