Speak Language

Speak Language

(None; Trained Only)

  • Action:
    Not applicable.

  • Try Again:
    Not applicable. There are no Speak Language checks to fail. The Speak Language skill does not work like other skills.

  • Languages work as follows.

 At 1st level you know one language – based on your background – plus an additional number of languages equal to your starting Intelligence bonus.

 You can purchase Speak Language just like any other skill, but instead of buying a rank in it, you choose a new language that you can speak.

 You do not make Speak Language checks. You either know a language or you do not.

 A literate character can read and write any language they speak.

The available languages in the ancient world are Assyrian, Greek, Egyptian, Hittite, Nubian, Persian, Phoenician and Scythian.

Speak Language

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