Solve Conundrum

Solve Conundrum


This skill covers the ability to unscramble a mental puzzle of any kind in your mind. The Solve Conundrum skill is used to overcome deliberate attempts to confuse or bewilder a person by presenting them with a riddle or paradox. Solve Conundrum is used to decipher visual puzzles and to navigate labyrinths. You cannot use it to avoid gaining lost in the wilderness, as that is a natural hazard, but you can use it to avoid becoming lost in a maze of passages.

  • Check:
    The DC for solving a conundrum varies according to its complexity. Success when making a Solve Conundrum check to navigate a maze means that you know exactly where you are and do not risk becoming lost. Success when using the skill to solve a physical puzzle, such as opening a locking mechanism on a tomb door, means that the puzzle is solved outright. If you successfully use the Solve Conundrum skill to solve a riddle, the Games Master may choose to give you a hint rather than giving you the answer outright, for the sake of roleplaying consistency.

  • Decipher Glyphs:
    If you have the Literate feat, you may make a Solve Conundrum check at a DC of 20 to assess the general meaning of an inscription written in a language that you do not understand. You can only ever tell the gist of the inscription, not the precise meaning.

  • Action:
    Attempting to solve a conundrum is a full-round action.

  • Special:
    If you have the Agile Mind feat, you gain a +2 bonus on Solve Conundrum checks.

  • Synergy:
    If you have five or more ranks in Solve Conundrum, you gain a +2 bonus on Use Rope checks to untie a knot and on Sense Motive checks made to oppose uses of the Bluff skill.

Solve Conundrum

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