Your ranks in the Prayer skill represent your affinity with the divine and your ability to contact your deity when you need to. Characters will mostly be using Prayer to oppose another’s attempts to reduce their die rolls with divine points. Priests and priestesses have the Request Miracle class feature, which enables them to use Prayer to petition their deity for miracles.

  • Check:
    A Prayer check is made against a given DC to petition a deity for a miracle. This is a standard action requiring concentration and provokes an attack of opportunity.

  • Religious Rituals:
    You make a Prayer check at DC 10 to carry out the basic religious rituals of your faith. If you are a priest, you may use this check to conduct services and similar rituals. In the Greek traditions, it is also used to sanctify a corpse after death and prevent wicked spirits from claiming the body for their use. The Egyptian traditions use the Hekau skill for similar purposes.

  • Reducing Another’s Roll With Divine Points:
    Opposed Prayer checks made when spending divine points to reduce another’s die roll are made as free actions.

  • Warding Off and Dismissing Undead:
    You can pray to your deity for protection against the attacks of wicked spirits, including those that have been bound into a dead body, such as a composite. For more information on the walking dead and discarnate entities (see Death and Beyond and the Bestiary chapter). A more challenging prayer can be made to banish the corrupt spirit altogether, sending it from the material world into the afterlife. Discarnate creatures are dismissed, while creatures with bodies made from dead matter are destroyed and their animating spirits banished. Prayer checks made to ward off undead creatures or dismiss their troubled spirits are made against a DC of 10 plus the creature’s Hit Dice plus its manifestation bonus in the case of warding off or 15 plus the same variables in the case of dismissal. A Prayer check made to ward off or dismiss a creature is made as a standard action that requires concentration and provokes an attack of opportunity.

  • Action:
    Religious rituals take one hour to perform.

  • Try Again:
    Varies. You cannot attempt to perform funeral rites twice. Dedicate checks can be attempted again but the DC increases by one with each attempt.


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