(Int; Trained Only)

Medicine is the science of assisting recovery from ailments or wounds over time. It is contrasted with Heal, which is simple first aid performed in the field. It is most commonly used to treat grievous wounds. Medicine is also used to treat diseases.

  • Check:
    The DC of a Medicine check is usually the size of the grievous wound being treated.

  • Treat Grievous Wound:
    Medicine can treat grievous wounds without resorting to the horrors of Cautery (see Grievous Wounds in the Combat chapter). You can treat multiple grievous wounds in a day, so long as you have time. You can treat a grievous wound on your own body at a –5 penalty to the check. No one grievous wound may be treated more than once per day.

  • Treat Disease:
    To treat a disease means to tend a single diseased character. Every time they make a saving throw against disease effects, you make a Medicine check. The diseased character uses your check result or their saving throw, whichever is higher.

  • Action:
    Treating a grievous wound requires 30 minutes of intense work.

  • Try Again:
    Yes. You can always retry a check to treat a grievous wound, assuming the target of the previous attempt is still alive. You may not, however, treat the same wound more than once in a day.


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