Gather Information

Gather Information


You are able to easily discover what the local gossip is, whether it be a brave crew sailing to adventure or the unfaithfulness of a neglected wife.

  • Check:
    An evening spent frequenting drinking houses, talking to commoners, asking bards what the news is and a DC 10 Gather Information check gain you a general idea of a city’s major news, assuming there are no obvious reasons why the information would be withheld. The higher your check result, the better the information. If you want to find out about a specific rumour, item, obtain a map or do something else along those lines, the DC for the check is 15 to 25 or even higher.

  • Action:
    A typical Gather Information check takes 1d4+1 hours.

  • Try Again:
    Yes, but it takes time for each check. Furthermore, you may draw attention to yourself if you repeatedly pursue a certain type of information.

  • Special:
    If you have the Investigator feat, you gain a +2 bonus on Gather Information checks. You may add your Reputation bonus to a Gather Information skill check, but if you do so, you automatically attract attention to yourself.

  • Synergy:
    If you have five or more ranks in Knowledge (local) for an area, you gain a +2 bonus on Gather Information checks made within that area.

Gather Information

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