Below are the changes in how combat works for this campaign that differentiate it from a regular D-20 setting, I have included a quick mini tutorial on the changes made. Make sure you still proceed below to read the new rules in detail.

Quick Tutorial

  • Someone attacks you

  • You roll an Active Defense check, which is your attempt at dodging the attack and is opposed by their attack roll. Active Defense = 1d20 + Dexterity Modifier. You may take 10 on this roll unless you are denied your dexterity bonus.

  • If you have a shield, you can instead roll a Shield Defense check with a higher bonus to see if you block the attack, again opposing their attack roll. The roll = Shield Defense Bonus (class) + Shield Coverage Bonus (shield) + Wisdom Modifier. You can take 10 on this roll any time you are granted your wisdom modifier.

  • You can only make a number of shield defense attempts per round equal to your class shield defense bonus, after your shield defense uses are out you must revert to Active Defense for all subsequent rolls during that round..

  • If the attack hits your shield, your shield ignores some damage, takes some damage itself, and then whatever damage is left is done to your armor which filters more out until it reaches the wielder. However, it would take an extraordinary amount of damage to harm the wielder through both shield and armor.

  • If you are unaware of the attack, they roll an attack against your passive defense which is equal to 10 + your shield coverage bonus if you have a shield equipped. This represents the fact that having a large metal shield attached to your arm makes it harder for enemies to hit your body even when you are not actively trying to avoid their attack.

  • Once they have confirmed a hit on you by beating your Defense, you roll a Coverage check.

  • Coverage check is a roll made by someone being struck by an attack to see if the blow strikes their flesh or their armor. This roll is modified by how much of you is covered with armor (your armors coverage bonus) and has a flat DC depending on what damage type the attack hitting you does. The DC is 20 for slashing or piercing weapons, and 15 for bludgeoning weapons.

  • The player always has the option to take 10 on a coverage check.

  • If you beat the DC the attack hits your armor, absorbing some of the damage, taking some itself (that is where the armor degradation comes in) and whatever damage is left the player takes. If you fail the DC, you take full damage.



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