Monster Slayer and former Spartiate, founder of the Companions



Lykos is an Arcadian, from the hard and wild lands in the central Peloponnese. He is now 32 years old, and a former Spartiate. One of the original members of the Companions and brother to Diogenes, Lykos and his older brother were trained in the arts of monster hunting by the Spartan elder and hero Nikandros.

As a young boy, he was part of a wild group of city-less marauders that raiding the surrounding areas. His fate would travel down a very different path when his companions made an attack on one of the villages in Northern Laconia. Unfortunately for the bandits, and Spartan patrol was in the area and responded immediately to the attack. His companions were quickly slain apart from himself and his younger brother Diogenes, who were taken prisoner. The two would become sparring partners for the youths of the Agoge. and learned much of the legendary Spartan training themselves.

A few years later, they would both distinguish themselves in the eyes of the Spartiates when a Chimera attacked one of the outlying villages of Sparta, where they were accompanying two young Spartans, students of the agoge. One of the young Spartans were killed, and the brothers took up his arms in combat against the beast, showing extraordinary valor. Upon returning to Sparta, they would receive the honor of being elevated to a Mothax, or step-brothers of the spartans and were permitted to train in the Agoge for eventual citizenship. At the age of 21 the two earned their Scarlet and became full Spartan citizens.

It was during these early years of citizenship that Sparta’s most experienced monster slayer, Nikandros, would take the two under his wing and train them to hunt the magical and monstrous beasts that haunt the shadows of the Greek world. In his late 40’s at this time, Nikandros had been rendered blind when he fought an elder Gorgon in single combat. Knowing he would not be able to out-maneuver the creature, and that it would eventually catch his gaze rendering him into stone, he slit his own eyes and fought the beast blind, earning himself unparalleled status in Greece as a monster slayer.

Eventually, Lykos and Diogenes became masters of the art of Monster Hunting. Eventually, with the backing of Nikandros, they would appeal to the Ephors to be granted the authority to create an independent organization that would be subservient to no nation, and take sides in no conflicts. This group’s only goal would be the training of young warriors in the art of hunting and slaying monsters. With the blessing of the Spartans, it was Lykos, his brother Diogenes, and the elder Nikandros who would initiate the Order known as the Companions. The companions set up their base in the wild lands of Arcadia, being of little political significance and a central location, they offer their services to any Greeks in need of their skills.

Companions can be members of any nation or polis, and are expected to leave the order at one time or another for domestic reasons. However, while acting as a companion no political action may be taken for or against any City. The companions are an entirely neutral entity. Members are skilled mercenaries, and often take their own jobs on the side in order to make a living. The order itself takes requests from all around Greece, which any members may accept. Any mission taken officially by the order like this must exclusively consist of the tracking, identifying, hunting, slaying, or otherwise harm of a monster or supernatural creature of destructive nature. Their are strict rules against killing any creature of a peaceful composition. Intelligent monsters such as Centaurs and Satyrs may be hunted, but only an individual that is known to have harmed humans in a unprovoked manner.

The Companions have become an elite and famous organization, however membership is fairly limited considering the dangerous nature of their work. At full call-up the Companions can marshal a force of around 200 strong, however many of these members are always away on missions. All notable nations have signed the Treaty of Arcadia, giving them protection from all city states as long as they maintain their rules of autonomous neutrality.



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