• Campaign Status:
    Age of Heroes is currently being played and we have completed the introductory sessions. However, the wiki is still a work in progress and the adventure logs are incomplete. The rules, while mostly finished, still have a few omissions left to be completed.

This is the second campaign I will be running alongside Avatar: Conquest of the Imperial Order. The campaign takes places right around 500 B.C. at the time Athens is being reformed as a Democracy, after the former corrupt tyrants of Athens are exiled with the help of the Spartans. The campaign will take place mainly in Greece but may also include lands as far as Egypt, Arabia, Persia, India, Gaul to the West and the Germanic Tribes to the North. The protagonists are three young adults living in Greece (15-18) who for individual reasons travel to Arcadia in southern Greece to learn the arts of mercenary monster slaying.

The ancient gods as well as mythical creatures exist, and historical events will be occurring around the players, as well as many side plots involving gods, monsters, or individuals. The Rules are a variant of the D-20 system tailored to the Ancient Greek world. There are custom magic users with powers derived from the worship of gods. It will be hard core in terms of survival needs, leveling will be very slow, and the max level will be 10 with all levels above being reserved for Demi-Gods or other mythical beings. Gods will vary in power from levels 10-50 depending on their status in the pantheon. Races will all be human, but with different racial stats depending on the region of Greece the character is from.

The lifespan of the characters and their activities throughout these historical events will be entirely up to the players decisions. Everything from diet, cleanliness, lifestyle, and injury will be taken into account to decide the lifespan of the players. It can be assumed that the players are above average Greeks and will be considered elite or Heroes by their fellow Greeks at some point through the course of the campaign. The possibility of prolonged life due to the discovery of magical artifacts of legend or holy sites is also a possibility. Such legends will be covered in detail, but must largely be initiated by the players for their own reasons.


  • 3100 BC – Egypt is founded
  • 1701 BC – Zeus defeats Kronos
  • 1279 BC – Heracles is born
  • 1250 B.C. – Athens the City State is founded
  • 1200 BC – Sparta the City State is founded
  • 1184 BC – The end of the Trojan War
  • 800 BC – Lycurgus creates the Laws of Sparta
  • 753 BC – Rome the City State is founded
  • 600 BC – Solon lays the foundation for Athenian Law
  • 550 BC – The Persian Empire is founded and continues to expand under King Cyrus
  • 509 BC – The government of Rome is reconstructed as a Republic
  • 508 BC – Athens becomes the first direct Democracy

  • 500 B.C.Start of the campaign, Democracy has existed in Athens for 8 years after the Spartans assisted in overthrowing their previous dictator. The Spartan King Kleomenes hoped to install a new government that would be loyal to Lacedaemon and was angered with the results when his co-conspirator, the Athenian noble Cleisthenes, instead gave power to all of Athen’s citizens to do with what they will. To illustrate the Spartan attitude, when a Spartan suggested to the ancient lawgiver Lycurgus that Sparta be reorganized as a Democracy, his retort was “If you want a Democracy, start within your home”. The idea that the common people, no matter how lowly or uneducated, or lacking in virtue, should control the future of the state directly was unheard of in any major city. Sparta tried to convince the newly formed Peloponnesian League to overthrow the new Athenian government and install one loyal to the league, but Corinth and the other allies voted against it, not wanting the first act of the new alliance to be one of war.

  • History
    For a more detailed summary of Greek History leading to the rise of the Roman Empire, see the Historical Timeline page. Events will be more thoroughly recorder as the campaign progresses.

Age of Heroes

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